Trump and Bibi VS Obama

Lately the Israeli press quoted prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu saying “me (himself as minister of finance during 2002-2005) and the current minister of finance Moshe Kahlon are the best ministers of finance in Israel's history because they both spend time at the private sector as small business owners”. this quate of the prime minister can well be sound to the listener as a bragging way of politician to embrace himself infront of the listeners. the kind of show off we the people receive from time to time from our leaders. in my opinion this line from the Israeli prime minister is a proof that Neatanyahu had bought the logic that stands behind Donald J Trump bid for president of the United states.

Donald J Trump run for POTUS with this logic that comes up from his campaign during this election season. the logic is pretty clear, i am great business man and this is why i can make a good deals for america. Trump with this logic has gain a broad national appeal for voters from all across the states to support his presidential campaign. “i can make good deals”,  “i will build the wall and make Mexico pay for it”  that is Trump's  words. further more on GOP debate floor Trump slammed the Republican politics for their poor business resume. we all remember how Trump slammed Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz for not hiring any one and for not creating jobs while he has created an amazing business that provide jobs opportunities for a lots of Americans.

this Trump style is familiarize with his candidacy and the dragging and bragging for a business success in the resume is something politics has seen before. what is fascinating to my opinion is the acceptance of this logic by the Israeli prime minister. this quote delivers a proof to the audience that our current prime minister has bought Trump’s appeal in a same way that most voters in the states have. Netanyahu is actually saying i am leader that my advantage is that i came from the small business private sector and this why i get the job done. Kahlon the current minister of finance was the owner of a car accessories shop in Haifa, while Netanyahu himself was the marketing VP for RIM  a furniture brand in his private sector life before entering politics.

beyond the bright connection that we see here between the republican party nominee for POTUS and the Israeli prime minister we can also look at the darker side of this quote. as i see it this quote isn't only glorifying Trump’s bid for POTUS but as also a  light and sharp criticism from Jerusalem pointed at the current US administration and US PRESIDENT Barack Obama. from my point of view Netanyahu uses this words to criticize Obama as a leader without a private sector history in his resume what means that he and other politician that lack this experience can only deliver a low level of success due to this lack of experience. The Iran deal is a famous isuue where Neatnyahu criticized current Washington administration for what he called " a bad deal". i guess we all know that Obama's resume is academic and thats a cause for criticism against Obama both from Netanyahu and Trump. 

this is not the only connection i can point out between Jerusalem and the Trump towers in Manhattan.  Trump came from the media. HIS REALLITY TELEVISION SHOW MADE HIM  WELL KNOWN BUSINESS MOGUL IN AMERICA. Later, after electoral success in the primary  the Trump movement was created as an challenging the mainstream media. Trump came to popularity as a business man from that mainstream media, same one Trump’s later movement is falling so hard on the mainstream media. Same goes for Netanyahu, whan we look back at the nineties Benjamin Netanyahu was the media self model for right wing leadership of the future. Netanyahu that came to knowledge due to media coverage gain support in the Israeli public and later turn this large support in the face of mainstream media. Neatnyahu’s decision to keep communication office under his FULL RESPONSIBILITY AND CONSTANT REFUSAL TO APPOINT A FULL TIME MINISTER TO OFFICE OF  communication teaches the people that Neatanyahu knows the power of media in reffer to his electoral appeal .

In the days left in the presidentail campaign miglasha political blog will continue to foolow and aknolesge the issues that we are facing.

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